piecing together next generation IT infrastructure and applications

The OSG Offices at 181 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

Who We Are

Open Systems Group is an independent software vendor with offices in Toronto, Ontario as well as Washington, D.C. Open Systems Group specializing in mobile applications, browser-based applications, and XML web services. Open Systems Group is also a cloud-based service provider, offering cloud-based PBX services, virtual private server hosting services and shared storage.

What We Do

In the case of applications Open Systems Group has over three years of experience in the development of mobile device applications and over twenty years of experience in the design and development of browser-based applications, relational databases and XML web services. In the case of cloud services, Open Systems Group has over six years of experience in cloud-based PBX services and two years of experience in virtual private server hosting services.

What Makes Us Different

We go the distance to make our clients' infrastructures work so our clients can focus on their business.

Recent News

This system is awesome!

Louis Trahan, Last Minute Training

Open Systems Group consistently meets and exceeds client expectations by developing clear and compelling business cases to business problems. In many scenarios Open Systems Group can provide a quotation up front so ours clients know in advance what the proposed solution will cost, and how much money the proposed solution can potentially save.

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