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The OSG Offices at 181 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

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Open Systems Group has integrated cloud-based PBX phone systems at over twenty client locations, dating back to December, 2010.

Autoprice Canada

On Friday, October 05, 2010, Autotek Car Sales and Service, operating as Autoprice Canada, engaged Open Systems Group to integrate a cloud-based, PBX phone system into its largest dealership location in Etobicoke, Ontario.

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Open Systems Group has designed, developed and implemented over 25 browser-based, database applications over a fifteen year period.

Growing Forward 2

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food (OMAF) launches Growing Forward 2, powered by Open Systems Group’s contributions to the custom built, basé sur un navigateur application, Growing Forwards 2 is a cost-share, incentive program managed by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food (OMAF). The program serves the needs of over ten thousand (10,000) food producers, processors and co-operative organizations throughout the province of Ontario.

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Grassland Habitat Farm Incentive Program (GHFIP); Security Audit

The Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association engages Open Systems Group to perform a security audit of its online application that supports the Grassland Habitat Farm Incentive Program.

The Grassland Habitat Farm Incentive Program (GHFIP) provides cost-share funding through a competitive bid process for farmers to implement best management practices that will help provide and protect grassland habitats.

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Secure Upload Document System

In October, 2009 the Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association hired Open Systems Group to develop a browser-based, Active-X application to allow field representatives upload documents.

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In June, 2003 Temspec Incorporated, engaged Open Systems Group to develop a web site to advertise the company's product line.

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Motorola Excellence

The Two Way Radio group of Motorola Canada launches the Motorola Excellence Dealer Affinity program, powered by the custom, basé sur un navigateur application,, built by Open Systems Group.

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