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Our Service Offering

Open Systems Group offers applications design, development and other ancillary services.

Application Design & Development

application design diagram

If you require a redesign to an existing browser-based application or a new browser-based application to integrate to your internal systems, Open Systems Group can help.

Open Systems Group has over fifteen years of experience in the design and development of browser-based applications, relational databases and XML web services. Open Systems Group has three years of experience in the development of mobile device applications. Our staff know the technologies we with. We know our stuff.

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Security Audits

Open Security Audits

If you require a security audit of an existing browser-based application Open Systems Group can help. Our auditing methodology, which we coined as an Open Security Audit®, includes a code review of the current application design of the system under review, identifying security vulnerabilities.

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Graphic Design

As the majority of applications we build are designed for client audiences our graphic design services are typically bundled within our application design and development services. However, if you require a corporate identity or web site Open Systems Group can help.

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Cloud-Based PBX Phone System Services

Virtual Private Servers Hosting

If you require hosting for your application, you may wish to consider a virtual private server. A virtual private server, also known as VPS or a virtual dedicated server, is an affordable way to get advanced hosting performance and control when a traditional shared hosting plan is not powerful enough to handle your traffic.

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