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Return on Investment, Cloud-Based PBX Phone System—Small Office Configuration

Take a typical small office with 20 employees. This business is likely to have a simple, premises-based, telephone switch or a "key system" to provide access to, likely, 8 outside telephone lines. The switch or key system is likely leased, or is under a maintenance contract with a service provider. There will be recurring monthly fees paid for the telephone lines, and for individual calling features on each line, and for the maintenance/lease cost of the switch or for servicing or maintenance of individual phone sets. In addition, the business is likely to have two phone numbers (e.g., no direct inward dial numbers), one for sales and the other for technical support or other administrative function.

The recurring costs of a typical legacy phone system:

  • Existing provider business telephone line monthly cost (e.g., 8 @ $47.95) : $383.60
  • Additional per-line cost for call services x 12 (e.g., voice mail, call display @ $12.95): $259.00
  • Telephone "key system" or small PBX monthly rental/lease/service: $200
  • Existing phone set changes/maintenance monthly charges (20 phones): $50

Total monthly recurring cost: $789.00

If you were to replace your existing legacy system with our cloud-based, Digital PBX phone service your monthly costs would drop to 269.50 dollars per month for comparable services.

The cost of the business lines in the solution pictured would be zero. The cost of the switch, or PBX, would be also be zero. As the cloud-based PBX phone service is entirely digital from point-to-point, handset-to-handset, the cost of your long distance charges would drop to zero and be replaced by inbound and outbound call usage fees which are a fraction of the cost of long distance fees. The only cost to you would be the one-time acquisition price and setup costs for the equipment to access the network and training.

The one-time cost of our cloud-based, digital PBX phone service offering for the small office environment are illustrated below:

  • POLYCOM VVX 300 MEDIA PHONE (e.g., 20 @ 139.95);
    (one would be required for each person who needs a separate handset)
  • IP phone configuration (e.g., 20 @ 19.95);
  • Cisco 24 port SF300-24 PoE switch (1);
  • EdgeMark 4550-15 Edge Router with capacity for 15 concurrent calls (1);
  • Line Number Port (e.g., 2 @ 20.00 per line);
  • Directory Listing;
  • Integration and Installation; and
  • Training

Total nonrecurring cost (e.g., one-time cost): $5,322.00;

The monthly recurring costs of our cloud-based, digital PBX phone service offering for the small office environment are illustrated below:

  • Metered Call Paths (e.g., 8 @ $17.95 per line) : $143.60
  • Business Extension Plan 20: $120.00
  • Domestic Telephone Numbers (DID) (e.g., 2 @ 2.00 per DID): $4.00
  • E911 Service Charge: $2.95

Total monthly recurring cost: $270.55

For a one-time investment of $5,322.00, you would eliminate a monthly recurring cost of $646.55. Further, you would recover your entire up front investment in only ten months. In addition, you would benefit from the utility of a state-of-the-art, digital PBX system that can provide you with a more advanced ability to communicate with your customers and staff. As the cloud-based PBX phone system is entirely digital, you would also elimnate long distance charges entirely.

Even if you never use one of the advanced features of your new system, you can ill afford not to consider the incredible return on investment provided by this next-generation, digital technology. Once you consider the business case we present to you, you will find our offer hard to ignore.